What's the Difference Between His and Her Apronera?

Apronera is Designed for Men and Women

Her Apronera is designed with diagonal and round lines that have been masterfully crafted to accentuate a woman’s curves. Her Apronera sits at the natural waist and has a slightly rounded neckline. His Apronera sits at the hips and is designed with vertical and round lines that create a slimming silhouette. The top front is inspired by a man’s vest and features a straight V-neck.

Will An Apronera Look Good on My Size and Shape?

Apronera Looks Good on All Shapes & Sizes

We are strong believers that it’s not the size that matters—it’s the silhouette! Our Apronera’s are sized for a tailored fit on all body types—be it toned or voluptuous, pear or apple—an Apronera will look great! Our patent pending snap closure system lays flat at the waistline and tucks neatly under the belt loops. This creates a sleek and slim silhouette that adds sculpting lines that flatter all figures--male and female, thick and thin, round and straight. Plus, the V-neck is the most universally flattering neckline. Crystal K designed the Apronera to look great on you….

Will An Apronera Look Good with My Style?

Apronera is a Stylish Layer

Apronera is a modern classic that styles well with any clothes from the 21st century. It’s crafted with designer details and a seamless finish inside and out. Like all modern classics, the utility of the Apronera has been styled with such great resolve that the design and utility merge in perfect unison. An Apronera was designed like a functional accessory for today’s Doers and their modern needs. No longer are we only wearing aprons at home. We are wearing them on TV shows, at work, with friends and more....We need an apron that is stylish, smart and tasteful. And that’s why Crystal K designed the Apronera.

What's the Difference Between the French Chefs Apron and Apronera?

Bib Apron is one size fits all, unisex, unflattering and economic

The French Chefs apron—like all bib aprons—is made from a single panel of fabric that is tied to the wearer. It’s economic design is one-size-fits-all and uni-sex. The lines fall over the body randomly and the fabric drapes unpredictably.

Bib Apron drapes poorly, hangs heavy on the neck, pops off the chest and side thighs

Many women prefer to fold the French Chefs apron up around their waist before tying it to improve the fit. Apronera is designed to fit—not tied to fit. Made from 41 fabric panels & 5 utility systems that are seamlessly crafted together to create a sleek and smart design.

Apronera is Stylish, Smart, Sexy, Durable, Functional

Apronera comes in sizes S-XL and in our signature “Madison” His & Hers cuts. Apronera is a stylish top layer that flatters all body types & is minimal like a Macbook. Bib aprons are the PC of aprons. Apronera is the Apple of aprons.

Apronera vs French Chefs Apron

Is An Apronera Easy to Put on and Take Off?

Yep! Getting in and out of your Apronera is as easy as buttoning it on and off.


How Do I Adjust The Height to Fit Petite and Tall Sizes?

Move the slidder DOWN if: The Apronera floats above your waist or the skirt hovers off your thighs. Move the slidder UP if: The bodice hangs off your chest when you bend forward or the back strap hangs off your back when you are standing.


How Do I Adjust The Waist Width for a Perfect Fit?

Each Apronera has three settings: Narrow, Medium, and Wide. Always match the button holes so the Apronera adjusts evenly on both sides.


How Do I Store My Apronera?

Use the hang loop located on the inside of the back patch to hang your Apronera. The hang loop is perfectly placed so the Apronera drapes well when hung—creating a suspended sculpture like art piece. And because an Apronera is beautiful on the inside, too...it is worthy of display.


How Do I Clean My Apronera?

Like a pair of jeans. Machine wash as needed. Line dry or tumble dry on occasion. Iron for a sleek finish.