Welcome to the New #ApronEra

Aprons of the past were largely worn by the working class, servants and the domestically inclined—and thus often exhibited a simplistic design and utility standard.

But those days are dead.


Today we wear aprons not in subordination—but in celebration of our ability to get the job done.

Although our societal preferences have evolved, and the jobs we wear an apron for are altogether different than in past eras, the apron design and utility systems have not been updated much since the aprons earliest recordings.

Bib Apron is one-size-fits-all, single-panel, unisex, economic with a bulky tie closure

Apron designers today use the bib apron for their base design, but the bib apron wraps around us like a blanket that drapes poorly and thickens our silhouette. Why then, are we still wearing the bib apron over our highly tailored and precisely designed garments?

Perhaps it’s because an apron gains sentimental value overtime. . .it’s always there to protect us while we work. Slipping into an apron before addressing our work becomes a ritual that prepares our mind for the job at hand. We feel good in our apron because we feel preparednot because we feel sexy or stylish. Am I right?

Bib Apron Fit

Plus the apron is often treated like a throw-away piece...a garment meant to get dirty with no need for style. But we found a new attitude: the apron is a functional accessory that covers a good 60% of our front look and adds details to our back body. We aren’t just wearing aprons at home anymore...we are wearing aprons as an accessory on TV shows, at work and in social pictures. As a top style layer, the apron is an opportunity to add tailored lines that complement our figures. Plus, our apron should reflect our smart style and refined taste.

Those of us that wear an apron wear it often. Foodies wear aprons to bake, gardeners wear aprons to harvest, TV hosts wear aprons on set, stylists wear aprons to work, friends wear aprons to host dinner and our family wears aprons at home.

The apron has been an underdesigned accessory for too long. We need a completely new apron that is as stylish and well designed as our Prada handbags and Everlane shoes. We need a new apron that flatters the figure—male and female—and is in our correct size. We need a new apron with beautiful drape and a modern classic silhouette.

We Need a New ApronEra.

I’m Curious What You Think. . . #ApronEra

Xo, Crystal K

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It’s so true! Yet I never had words for it till now. I’ve always struggled to wear an apron because I love cooking and crafting but don’t feel fabulous in a french chef apron. So I haven’t worn an apron in years (and have stained a few of my favorite clothes). I’ve tried some smocks but they were more coverage than I needed. The Apronera apron looks like it will be perfect. Thanks!

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