How I Made an Apronera

When I first started sketching apron designs 2 1/2 years ago at a studio castle in Carmel, CA, I knew I did not want to create another iteration of the bib apron (for too long we have let the bib apron add bulk to our waistline and thighs!). I wanted to make an apron that suited my taste for fresh design and modern classics. I wanted an apron that is as stylish and smart as it is functional and comfortable. I wanted an apron that complemented my modern style and that made me look great.

I looked to dresses, functional accessories and style icons for inspiration. I soon saw the apron as a huge opportunity to add a cool style layer that makes someone look slimmernot thicker. The apron, I realized, is a functional accessory that needed an all-new utility/design solution.

This new apron needs to be cut with slimming lines that drape predictably. This new apron needs to be so comfortable and good looking that you never want to take it off. This new apron needs to be smart, sexy and stylish.

I spent the second year draping, sewing and refining the utility and detailing on our signature “Madison” Apronera. I experimented with every denim weight, thin and thick straps, with & without interfacing. I adjusted the cut by the 1/16” up, down, left & right...until the Apronera was comfortable, slimming and stylish.

Crystal K Studio: How I Made an Apronera

I love our signature “Madison” collection—it is everything I dreamed it could be and more. I’m thrilled to welcome you to the new #ApronEra…and I’m very curious what you think. . . . 

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Xo, Crystal K

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Sarah P

That’s so cool. I’ve always though the bib apron was over worn, but when it’s the only thing on the market, well…it’s hard to point fingers. Anyway, the Apronera is refreshing. I once sewed a pillowcase and thought that was challenging! The Apronera looks intricate. Thanks for taking the time to reinvent it from scratch.

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