Apronera is the Doer's Accessory


Welcome to the New #ApronEra; Aprons Then and Now

The apron was once a sign of domesticity and subservience—but those days are dead. Today we wear aprons for reasons all our own: we want to do our work. ApronEra has Been Adopted by the Doer and Become the Accessory of the Prepared. Enjoy Your Work. . . .


Apronera is a Modern Classic


Apronera is comfortable, functional, durable and stylish

Apronera is comfortable, functional, durable and stylish. An Apronera is designed with fresh and timeless lines that flatter the figure. An Apronera is effortless like Birkenstock and well designed like a BMW. Apronera has smart functionality like a Rolex and sleek style like a Macbook. Apronera is the Apple of aprons.


ApronEra Looks Good on All Sizes

Welcome to the New #ApronEra

Apronera is a Modern Classic

What is a modern classic? Let’s look to the garments and accessories we go-to first and rely on day after day, season after season, decade...
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How I Made an Apronera

When I first started sketching apron designs 2 1/2 years ago at a studio castle in Carmel, CA, I knew I did not want to...
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What is An Apron?

Let me guess...you have a love/hate relationship with your apron? You love the protection but feel swallowed by it’s frumpy silhouette? Me too! I’ve always...
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